Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to doing Art

The past 3 months has been difficult in some respects as we have had several different things pulling at us.  The long term one was adding a studio room onto the house.  Although I was totally pleased with the result, it was a long drawn out process with a lot of detail work that went on and took time.  I don't regret the time frame as they did a good job.  However, it is wearing to have people at your house a lot of the time.

Then I had gotten into this rather large event, Portland Open Studios which I've mentioned below.  Preparing for this made me clean up my entire studio, hang almost 100 pieces, and try to pack up and organize as much of the stuff as possible.  The event was over two weekends and extremely exhausting to me.

The day after the event, we rushed down again and packed everything, took most of the pictures off the walls and took some of the paintings home in the car.  The following day, we got up at 5 a.m. in anticipation of the movers, who arrived at 8 am. 

The movers did a good job and the contents of 4 small rooms of the studio were transferred to our house, which is still in a state of semi-chaos.  I feel I have organized at least most of the studio so I can start painting again, and today painted for a while.  The light is so much better, I know that will make a great difference.

my new large easel is behind the double storage cabinets, and virtually all my supplies for painting are within arm's reach.  The mosaic glass is all in boxes which are three high and serve as a work table top.  I am not sure when I will do mosaics again as they are so heavy.  Perhaps a sculpture next summer...  Meanwhile I hope to continue painting.

It looks a bit cluttered and confined in the photo, but is actually comfortable and roomy.  I hope in a few more days that the accumulated exhaustion from not enough sleep and stress will wear off and we can make this change.